How I Take Strategic Breaks to Decompress
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How I Take Strategic Breaks to Decompress

Salman Hossain
Salman Hossain

One of the mistakes I made pretty often in my career is not recognizing the importance of taking breaks. I'm not talking about career breaks here, but please read this article afterward if you're interested in knowing more about it.

I'm talking about micro-breaks or mini-vacations.

We all go to work and come back home often exhausted.
Then we have to attend family members.
Catch up on pending household chores.
Spend time with kids.
Finish some pending office work
Be a caregiver to someone unwell in the family
And back to work the next day, tired.

We push aside our annual holidays.
We think working extra hours will show more commitment
We burn out.

Here's how to fix
Take 2 days off next to weekends once every quarter if not every alternative month.
Take 1 day off next to a weekend once every month
If you have sick leave available, use your sick leave for this 1 day off a month. Even if we think we are not ill, our body would tell otherwise if it had a mouth!

So, do yourself a favor. Go ahead and take these little extended holidays strategically every year. Your body and mind deserve the time it needs for decompressing.

Do you have any tips for taking better breaks?

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