Drowning In An Ocean Of One-Day GENIUSES!
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Drowning In An Ocean Of One-Day GENIUSES!

Salman Hossain
Salman Hossain

Disclaimer, I am a big believer in sharing knowledge with everyone.

One thing that worries me a lot these days is the exponential growth of 'one-day geniuses'. I'm referring to those taking over the social media feed with their 'knowledge' found yesterday while projecting it to the world as if they are the thought leaders of our time in that field.

I was wondering, If I start sharing something I just learned last week, after watching a few hours of youtube, reading a book, and a couple of articles written by random people who appeared through my search, is it right to 'preach' about them like an expert?

Here are some examples

● Didn't build a startup that raised money or been part of one, but preaching to be an Angel Investor/Advisor.

● Didn't use a UX tool to wireframe anything, but suddenly an expert on Human-Centered Design (after finishing a two-day course)

● Just learning to be a Product Manager with no prior experience but teaching the world Product Management.

● Constantly criticized any new food experience with friends, but suddenly is a food connoisseur (food critic)!

I'm writing this because I was reflecting a lot lately after interviewing the guests for my Podcast Beginner's Moonshot. These people are highly talented, very successful in what they are doing with deep level knowledge. Yet, you'll NOT find them anywhere close to preaching about their expertise in their respective field.

But the ones broadcasting their newfound knowledge (aka polluting) on social media feeds are the ones WITHOUT such deep domain expertise.

Would you take advice from me If I spend the last few weeks, talking to my ENT specialist friend and learning a lot of jargon, some fancy procedures to cure your sinus problems, and perhaps showing you a path to a new career in Medicine?

Here are my two cents.

Instead of trying to 'brand' yourself as someone knowledgable on matters that you're NOT, try using your newfound knowledge to create a discussion.

Instead of being pretentious, ask others in your network if they have valuable experiences to share.

Instead of preaching about your one-week-old knowledge to the world, use it to build something massively successful in your work/business.

This way, the words will spread further, and you'll start impacting the lives of others with what is proven and impactful.

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