What Is Holding You Back From Being More Courageous?
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What Is Holding You Back From Being More Courageous?

Salman Hossain
Salman Hossain

Despite having opportunities to work at the top 3 companies in the country right after graduation, I took the odd path of working for a newspaper company.

Next, I decided to take a pay cut to work for an NGO operating out of the founder's parents' guest room, where I could barely make my ends meet.

Then it was apparent to go big to make up for the opportunity cost from the previous choices, but I ended up joining a WiMAX startup.

When I was finally expected to return to the established corporate world, I went to work for one of the earliest tech startups - an Ad-Tech Network. Hardly any people had any clue of the word startup back then.

As I was already labeled unfit for a corporate role by now, I went to work for the largest telecom operator in the country, leading their core business digital transformation quite successfully.

And finally, at the peak of my career, when everyone thought I would get settled, enjoying all the great benefits while waiting for the next climb up, I chose to move out of my comfort zone and uproot myself into a whole new country!

My journey seemed irrational to most, but to me, it was an act of constant exploration. I wanted to grow up as a person and expand my comprehensive understanding of the world through these odd experiences. I wanted to build my courage to make difficult choices in life.

As a result, whenever I am in a room in the middle of a discussion, I see the same thing from more than 4-5 different perspectives that most can't imagine. For making these life-changing choices, I can also make bold decisions when necessary.

We have to make lots of courageous decisions in life that define our identity. Yet, we don't get taught this critical skill in school or during our professional careers.

How do you learn to be more courageous?
What type of coaching do you have that trains you to become a master of your choices?

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