Presentation MASTERCLASS LIVE is Launching June 2024!
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Presentation MASTERCLASS LIVE is Launching June 2024!

Salman Hossain
Salman Hossain


The essence of a killer presentation has 3 components—Content, Design, and Delivery.

It's the heart of the presentation. It's what you put on the plate for others to consume. It's the research, the insights, and the novelty of your content that will differentiate your presentation from the rest. Most of us use copy-paste, ChatGPT-based, surface-level content for our presentations. This is the biggest reason for the poor outcome of our presentations, whether we present them at work, at university, at a competition, or for startup fundraising.

Even after having great content prepared for your presentation, if you design and format your slides without science and creativity, you'll barely reach 50% of your content value. A lot of us think tools like Canva and Prezi are there to solve your design and formatting problems. But, in reality, it's just a tool with standardized templates, which are often monotonous and overused. And because they are standardized, they need to address the uniqueness of your presentation content and delivery fully. Usually, the presentation deck looks more professional than the contents and the person delivering it.

The person delivering it is the last and most differentiating element of a killer presentation. How you tell your story using the slides and their sequence will leave a lasting mark on the people on the receiving end. You may have very well-researched content or nicely formatted slides, but if you cannot touch a chord of your audience, help them vibrate with your wavelengths, and transport them into your story, you haven't delivered a killer presentation. Presentation is an art. You get better only by making countless presentations and getting first-hand feedback.

Over the last 20+ years, I'm sure I have made over 10,000 presentations myself—or at least I have spent over 10,000 hours making custom slides from scratch. From winning competitions to curating CXO talks and TEDx speakers to pitching to local and global investors/stakeholders and raising over $20Mn for the many projects and businesses I have worked in, I am a believer in what great presentation skills can bring to your life.

A big part of my career success, be it as an entrepreneur or individual contributor, can be credited to the mastery I have developed in developing, curating, and delivering presentations.

Every day, I see presentations that lack either of the 3 critical elements or all of them, which costs the presenter/owner a lot. 😞

💡 But I have a solution for YOU!

I am developing an Online Masterclass for you to help all the professionals at work, students at universities, and entrepreneurs building MSMEs or startups! If you want to learn more about this presentation masterclass, please join the wait-list by filling out the form below!


I'll see you on the other side! 🥳