Are You Working Smart or Working Too Hard?
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Are You Working Smart or Working Too Hard?

Salman Hossain
Salman Hossain

I've learned the meaning of efficient execution and the actual value of time during this pandemic on another level.

In a traditional working environment (pre-Covid), employees are often concerned about their bosses' physical presence around them.

People used to 'show' their managers they are working by spending more time on their desks. They would leave the office till the boss would pack up for the day.

There would be many navigating at work to make an impression or evade a conversation while walking around the office.

However, as we don't have to do any of the above while working from home, it automatically opens up a lot of our time during the day. We can finish our daily tasks quicker than before. We can also work at a higher accuracy with fewer distractions (assuming you don't have a clingy cat or a child to look after!)

Essentially, instead of working like a racing horse, we can work more smartly to treasure quality time for ourselves. This is not a situation every day of the week, but it indeed adds up to helping our personal space to THINK. It's also an excellent opportunity to take care of our mental health like never before.

I'm aware many people are still struggling to balance like while WFH. But I'm curious if any of you had any similar observations?

Do you think you're working too hard or you're working smart?
Do you have any time for yourself after doing everything else?
Do you manage to take short breaks in between work to energize yourself for more productive work?

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