My Coffee Break #004
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My Coffee Break #004

Salman Hossain
Salman Hossain

I was born in an average middle-class family.
I went to average Bangla medium schools.
I was an average student all my life.
I was bullied at school.
I didn't study at a top university in the country.
I had no unique connections in the industry.
I didn't have what is considered an absolute advantage to succeed in life.

Yet, I technically never applied for a job in my whole career to date.

The only thing I focused on all my life, which we all have at our disposal, was how I devoted my time to building great relationships.

At any given time, I had at least two mentors or coaches to groom me to become a better version of myself rigorously. I also invested my own money as a student (which I made by investing my valuable time) to buy the best knowledge and lessons.

By admitting my limitations, finding the right mentor/coach, investing my time and money, and making it a lifelong habit, I could harness my luck instead of stumbling upon one by accident.

So, don't try to wing it all in life. Instead, focus on choosing how you invest your time.

How many mentors/coaches do you have today? Who is helping you grow? If the answers are negative, it's time to fix it.

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