My Coffee Break #006
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My Coffee Break #006

Salman Hossain
Salman Hossain

I was pretty much wrong most of the time in my life before I was right. (At least that's what my wife said!)

I thought job titles mattered.
I thought working for big brands defined your identity.
I thought being too competitive is the way to progress.
I thought getting more money is the way to buy my dreams.
I thought taking fewer paid holidays than given was a sign of commitment.  
I thought clocking 12 hours a day was a way to do a lot of work.
I thought working over weekends was being extraordinary.
I thought getting fast promotions was a way to measure success.
I thought having all the above would make me fulfilled.

I WAS WRONG. Outstandingly wrong.

I'm only 35 years old (trying so hard to play young!). But somehow, I was able to figure out quite early that none of the above mattered in the end.

Please don't evaluate your life based on the measuring stick made by someone else. Instead, focus on what truly matters to you.

In the end, all that should matter is what you make out of your life.

What footprints do you leave behind? What legacy will prevail through those you touched even when you’re gone?

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