My Coffee Break #007
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My Coffee Break #007

Salman Hossain
Salman Hossain

If you're a job applicant who thinks very little of yourself or has a mediocre background as measured by society, this is for you. And if you're a hiring manager, this is a sincere recommendation to you.

Despite coming from a very average background, school, grades, and anything you can imagine, I was offered many opportunities in life. If you want to know more about my history for context, read this first.

Having hired and worked with hundreds of individuals over the last 15 years (both professionally and through volunteering), I found the UNDERDOGS always perform MUCH BETTER than those from top backgrounds.

Don't need special treatment.
Don't complain under pressure.
Don't quit when challenged.
Don't lack the grit and passion.
Don't work alone.
Admit their weaknesses.
Don't care about short-term rewards.
Don't look for a shortcut for quick fame.
Don't use powers to get what they need.
Don't break ethics out of greed.
Never stop learning.
Are kind and humble.

Hiring the underdogs have been my secret to career success. If you're an underdog like me, embrace it. If you're a manager looking to hire someone, please give that chance to an underdog. They'll do magic that you haven't imagined possible.

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