My Coffee Break #009
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My Coffee Break #009

Salman Hossain
Salman Hossain

One of the most common dilemmas among students or young professionals I hear is the critical skills they need to perform great at work. Even after all the courses at your university or the work that you're currently doing, you're often clueless about what you should focus more on for your personal growth.

Here's my 2021 checklist of skills that I'm personally focusing on at the moment, among others. Let me know in the comments section below which one of these you're mastering this year. If there's anything else you are focusing on, do share it with all of us below.

1. Being a good human being
2. Have a growth mindset
3. Learning at least two languages well
4. Ambiguous problem solving
5. Using the first principle thinking
6. Adaptability and resilience
7. Emotional intelligence
8. Collaboration and leadership
9. Artificial Intelligence
10. Storytelling and sales
11. Knowledge of social media and digital distribution
12. Decision making
13. Innovation and creative thinking
14. Time management
15. Diversity and culture

If you fancy a more elaborate explanation of these skills and why these are critical, feel free to watch this video I made for more clarity.

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