My Coffee Break #012
Career Coffee Break

My Coffee Break #012

Salman Hossain
Salman Hossain

Writing, reading, and sending emails is a task that we probably do the most in our professional life.

Well, I take that back. Some people probably attend more meetings than anything else!

An email can
Give you directions
Help clarify your task
Cheer you up
Keep important records
Bring good news
Connect you with someone important
Empower you

But, an email can also
Misdirect you
Create confusion
Make you feel upset
Give out wrong messages
Bear bad news
Hurt work relationship with someone
Steal all your thunder
Turn you into a bad person

It can often be comforting to sit behind the screen from a safe distance and write an email to someone for work. But who you become while drafting an email and how the person will receive your email on the other side is often ignored.

An email can make or break something or someone. Yet, we never really learn to understand its power, far from learning to write a great email in general.

What experiences can you recall about emails that are worth correcting?

I'll share my major email mistakes and how I corrected them in the second part tomorrow.

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