My Coffee Break #018
Career Inspiration Coffee Break

My Coffee Break #018

Salman Hossain
Salman Hossain

You get up early every morning
You prepare breakfast for all
You often eat the last
You enter the kitchen to prepare lunch
You eat late as you're in sweat from the cooking in this hot, humid summer, and you need a shower
You were about to close your eyes for a nap when you're asked to make some tea
You hurriedly finish your prayer afterward AND
You're back to the kitchen to prepare dinner

It's late now. Everyone in the family is chilling, but you're cleaning up the kitchen for another day starting tomorrow.
You never let anyone down.

No matter, whatever happens, you never fail to deliver what we need on time every single day—365 days in a year. Almost no sick leaves, no extra benefits, hardly any praise, vacations are never a choice, forget a raise, there's not even a salary. And there's no HR to take care of you.

It's you, Mom, like the millions of homemakers around the world.

We lack discipline so much, yet we never considered observing, at least, if not asking for a masterclass from you (Mom).

~Schedule an hour with your Mom or anyone motherly in life. Tell her to coach you on discipline and delivery. Maybe, you can put that on your resume too.

Happy Mother's day.

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