My Coffee Break #020
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My Coffee Break #020

Salman Hossain
Salman Hossain

My university professors expected me to be a high-flying corporate professional right after graduation, but I started my career at a newspaper company focusing on communications and events.

I had no development studies degree, but my second job was at an NGO.

I didn't study technology or engineering, but my 3rd job was at a WIMAX technology company.

I had no background in sales, and that too in a startup on advertising technology, but that's where I move to next as the head of sales and marketing.

I never managed more than 4 people until joining Telenor (Grameenphone), where I led 56 people in a 6 departments organization at 29.

And if you're reading my daily #mycoffeebreak#shorts, you know by now I was no exception by any means as measured by the usual standards.

So, don't be worried about the work or the title or job opportunity you'll get next. We all start with nothing and go upward from there.

Just like life, you will figure it out when you start to believe you can. The more enablers you have in life, the faster you'll become what you think you cannot.

What's currently enabling your career?

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