My Coffee Break #021
Career Coffee Break

My Coffee Break #021

Salman Hossain
Salman Hossain

You're a product manager, and you don't like anyone to tell you that your product sucks.

You're a data analyst, and you don't want anyone questioning the validity of your data sets.

You're a marketing expert, and you hate when people criticize your over-promise and under-delivery.

You're an excellent salesperson, but you pin someone on the wall if they suggest you can do better.

You're a social media manager, and you flip your eyes when someone not so savvy as you gives you feedback.

It's very natural for us as human beings to want peace instead of conflict. We like appreciation and dislike constructive criticism. We love giving people feedback but hate receiving it most of the time.

But when we block or hide away from feedbacks, we close our opportunity to grow. Some of the most significant growth that happens in someone's career is when they get consistent feedback.

No feedback = Negative growth
Feedback received = Opportunity to grow
Feedback in action = Real growth

The question is, how often do you take in feedback and put it into action?

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