My Coffee Break #026
Career Coffee Break

My Coffee Break #026

Salman Hossain
Salman Hossain

I once inherited two team members who weren't qualified for their job.

It was highly likely that they would either lose their job or get stuck in their career.

No matter what, they would fail to understand and deliver what was expected of them.

As a result, their performance was affecting our collective ambition as a team.

So we did something different.

Instead of throwing them under the bus, we decided to work a little extra to help them out. We CHOSE not to let them fail.

Years later, they still have their jobs. They got promoted. They are taking on bigger responsibilities.

In a relay race, you cannot get by yourself without the help of another runner from your team. To run forward, you always need to throw your hand backward first to connect with the team member running behind you.

We can all be in that difficult position in our careers at any point in time. So, let's be the one who gives a hand to those who are trailing behind us.

When we help someone move forward, we can most certainly go upward.

What do you think?

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