My Coffee Break #025
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My Coffee Break #025

Salman Hossain
Salman Hossain

We often worry about the quality of relationships we have in life, but we hardly do anything about them when taking action.

We want to have the best of the world, yet we cultivate those that drain us or drag us down.

There are two types of relationships we can have in our career (maybe in life too), in my opinion.

1. Transactional
2. Transformational

These two will impact the quality of growth we will achieve in life.

Transactional people will always come to take something from you in return for what you asked. If not evaluated well, you can end up giving much more than you could take, hence depleting yourself.

Transformational people will give you their best to significantly improve your life. It can be a supervisor or a personal coach/trainer. You either find them or hire them.

How consciously you find your development areas and invest in the right transformation tool will determine where you land in your career.

How many transformational relationships you currently have in life?

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